Now!Here Column Post 3

Third edition of Split|Screen, this time about healthcare!


Hmm…I’m finally free, so maybe I should make an appointment with the new doctor. Hello? I’d like to know if I can drop in today sometime. Within two hours? Yes, I can make it; will you call me when it’s nearing my turn to go? I’ll leave when you do so. Shaakya. S-H-double A-K-Y-A. Thanks. What if she calls but then I take a really long time to get there? Will my spot be taken? Should I call her again to tell her how much time I think it’ll take for me to get there? Nah, it’s not that far away. How did my mom find this doctor? Oh yeah, I think one of her friends recommended him to her. Anyway, I’m glad I can get this infection treated soom. Just hope the place is nice. I should put on some clothes now.


Where is this place? I can’t see a sig–nevermind, there it is, of course in some obscure, hidden nook. Why’s there a doctor’s office in such a dilapidated building? And the rain doesn’t help the conditions in any way. Ew, why did I wear flip-flops outside, now my toes will get wet or something. Ok, this is one of those pretty useless foot rugs made out of plastic that does nothing to dry your shoes. Ick. At least the waiting room’s pretty empty. Hmm. These magazines are pretty old, but whatever, ‘time-pass,’ as people say. Cool, it’s my turn.


He was quite nice, and also really quick–I guess strep throat’s pretty common and easy to diagnose? Anyway, as usual I can’t read the prescription. Oh yes, payment. How much? 500 rupees? Here. Thank you, bye! I wonder how many doctors or health center-places there are here that don’t charge anything so people living on the streets and beggars can go there. I doubt many, if any.


New York:

This stomach upset-ness is the bane of my existence. I’m going to health services now. What do I need to take, what do I need to take? I have my debit card, cash, and insurance card–those should be enough I guess. Where is health services? Supposedly in the basement. I’m here though, and don’t see any sign of it. A person–excuse me, could you tell me where the health services office is? Ok, thanks! The blue doors near the Brooks side–these ones? Ah yes, there it is, finally a sign saying ‘Health Services.’ Hello, I’d just like to see a doctor, is it possible to do so now? Yes, here’s the insurance card. Wait here? Ok. There’s some mildly engaging reading material here, brochures and stuff about different illnesses. Time to make myself even more germophobic. Yeeesssss hand sanitizer on basically every table here. Wish I could just hang out here all the time amid the health. Certainly less germy than my dorm. Cool, it’s my turn.


Hi, yes, I’m having some stomach problems. The symptoms? Bloating, pain, blah blah. Yes, everyday. You don’t know what it is? Uh ok. Is it really something that complicated? So do I take the printout of the referral to the gastroenterologist? Ok. Do you know how much they’ll charge and how much will be covered by the insurance? No? Ok, thanks!


That lady was…intense? Slightly frenetic-slash-overly worried? I don’t know. I really don’t want to have to pay a lot just for a consultation. Plus I don’t know how much medicines will cost. Great.


Hello? Yeah, this stomach thing is still happening. She gave me a referral to some gastroenterologist outside the college, so we’ll have to pay out-of-pocket for that but I don’t know how much the insurance will cover. Ugh, no. You know how it went the last time I called Aetna. Square one. Ok, stop yelling at me, I did call the doctor’s place! Well the doctor’s not in town for three weeks, and after that I don’t have time for two weeks, so I can only get an appointment during winter break and I won’t be here then. But this is really bothering me, and I don’t wanna wait till after break to treat it. I can’t! I don’t have any time in my schedule! Idea. Can you call the doctor there about my condition and see what he says? I’ll email you a detailed list of my symptoms. Ok. Bye.


Hello? Did you get my email? Did you call him? What did he say? Ok, so bring the medicines with you when you come during break. And what if the thing still persists? Then I’ll probably have to go to this referral-doctor-person? Ugh. Fine. But bring the medicines. Finally.


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