Parlez-vous Chinois?

Does your foreign language class have you in tears? Yes, we’ve seen students agonize over this particular IB component, trying to decide between the standard level course, and the infamous 400-word essay of the higher level one. Then there’s the always available choice of ab initio, an option many have interpreted as a saving grace. And […]

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India’s Moment of Win(frey)

Some may use their free time to wonder about the origins and mysteries of life, or to do their perpetually present homework. Others may simply be asking themselves, “What exactly has Oprah Winfrey been doing since ending her talk show?” If you form part of the latter group, then let me save you the trouble of typing […]

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Death by Eighth Note

Some may have taken us for drunkards (or missionaries) as we sang, meandering through Brussels city, songs with slightly religious overtones to them- perhaps they would have been right; our small group of singers was drunk on the excitement of being in Belgium for the AMIS Mixed Honor Choir festival. Our hotel rooms found and […]

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A Noble Trinity

It’s been a while since a woman has won the Nobel Peace Prize. But it seems like those years that didn’t see a woman holding the golden medallion are being compensated for in 2011: three women from Liberia and Yemen will receive the peace prize for their inexorable efforts towards nonviolence, democracy, and gender equality. […]

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