Prop Roots Center Volunteer Blog Post

Being surrounded by so much ethnic diversity results in such an influx of information into our minds, that it’s sometimes hard to imagine that not every culture and language is thriving; in fact, many are endangered. Societies are living entities, susceptible to erosion, low self-esteem, and even extinction. Many governments provide initiatives to preserve minority […]

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Green Procurement Report

The second part of the internship involved a survey of how the company procures stationery items, and how it can switch to more environmentally-friendly purchasing practices. I only initiated the project (the rest was meant to be completed by another intern,) so the report mainly deals with the top five annually procured items at IL&FS […]

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Energy Efficiency Report

The first project of my internship was to conduct a sort of ‘energy audit’ (albeit at a very basic level,) and to publish a report on the state of energy consumption in the IL&FS office building, pointing out some areas of improvement in energy consumption data collection, as well as in the energy conservation measures […]

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